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Spotlite is a state of the art infrastructure monitoring system heavily based on remote sensing technology and Earth Observation imagery. It integrates multiple monitoring solutions in a single online platform, centralizing information for structural health assessment. This multi-hazard approach is able to simultaneously address various risks, such as ground motion, third party interference, vegetation growth, flood risk or structural instability.

The main objective of Spotlite is to assess infrastructure integrity on a large scale, improving security and avoiding catastrophic failures and damages. By continuously collecting data from orbiting satellites, we are able to provide global coverage and deliver actionable outputs for any region of the world. The satellite data collected includes synthetic aperture radar (SAR) and multi-spectral imagery, which can be combined with on-site sensor data for a robust monitoring tool.

The georeferenced and processed data is presented through a user-friendly online Geographic Information System (WebGIS) environment, rendering it easily accessible to management and maintenance teams.

Our team

Ricardo Cabral

Managing Director & Co-founder

Martino Correia

Head of Marketing & Co-founder

Steffan Davies

Head of R&D

Tiago Cordeiro

Customer Success Manager

António Seiça

Product Manager

Alexandre Faria

Software Developer

Ana Ferreira

Geospatial Analyst

João Pereira

Geospatial Analyst

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Business Developer

We are looking for a Business Developer to manage our Commercial Development and efficiently increase our market reach. You will play a crucial role in our growing company development, by helping nurture our existing customer base and working towards its expansion.


More positions soon


More positions soon