Managing risks and predicting losses are core activities for the insurance sector. Through Spotlite, it is possible to monitor a wide array of risks (including geohazards or flooding) or perform other key analysis for this sector, such as property assessment.

Flood Monitoring

Spotlite provides flood mapping and water-caused damages estimations to the insured properties during flood in any location on Earth. It also enables a global rapid response and estimation of water-caused impacts on agricultural fields during floods. Designed to provide accurate and timely information on flood mapping and depth, or to assess flood risk based on historical analysis, Spotlite is crucial for the development of highly competitive insurance products.

Property Assessment

In many contexts, precise information on infrastructure characterization can be challenging to obtain. Likewise, land displacement data for accurate risk assessment is often non-existent. Through satellite imagery, Spotlite is able to solve all these problems quickly and effectively.

Agricultural Monitoring

When catastrophic events take place, you can resort to Spotlite for accurate estimation of crop damage. It is also able to monitor regularly the development of multiple agricultural activities, from planting to harvesting. Additionally, it may be employed on the early detection of illegal events, including large-scale crop theft.