Spotlite is an innovative online risk monitoring platform and early-warning system designed to safeguard critical infrastructure. Based on satellite data, it provides analytics on multiple hazards for structural health assessment and asset management, tailored for the specific needs of different industries.

A Management Platform

Spotlite sets itself apart by seamlessly integrating satellite-based analytics with ground data, providing a comprehensive view of critical infrastructure.
The platform combines the power of remote sensing from Earth Observation satellites with in situ loT sensor data, creating a holistic approach to monitoring and management. The result is a robust monitoring and management platform that helps organizations ensure the safety and reliability of their infrastructure.

1. Acquisition

Satellite Data


Other Sources

 Network Antennas

2. Analytics

Data Processing


3. Management

Insights and Recomendations

Desktop Computer with Spotlite logo as background


  • High Precision

    Accurate and reliable data to support critical decision-making.

  • Near Real Time

    Continuous monitoring of the entire infrastructure or network.

  • Historical Data

    Analysis of archive data to better understand the evolution of structural behaviors.

  • Global Coverage

    Collect and analyze data from virtually any location on the planet.


  • Automatic reporting and early-warning system

  • IoT Data Integration

  • Historical analysis for trend identification

  • 3D Visualization Tools

  • Geographical Data Integration

  • Secure Data Access

  • Integrated task and maintenance management system

  • AI tools for pattern recognition